Holiday Robberies 

Holiday Robberies

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a time of much joy and giving. Unfortunately, it’s also a time in which criminals take advantage of people. Keeping your home safe and protected from burglary is important to you. That’s why you lock your doors and windows, install security systems, and use the latest technology to keep your home safe and sealed. But there is another kind of robbery you might not suspect or be aware of. Pests are opportunists and take any opportunity to thieve and plunder as well. As it gets cold outside, pests are more desperate for protection, warmth and your resources. They will stop at nothing to get these things. Raccoons are the most tricky robbers out there. You need to be prepared and ready to fight back!

What raccoons steal

Raccoons will take whatever they can get their hands on that will serve a purpose. First of all, food. They need to eat too. They love dog and cat food. If you notice Fido or Fluffy’s food dish rapidly emptying faster than normal, there could be a reason for that. Raccoons also love trash and getting into your dumpsters. Finding a mess outside your trash bins could mean you have furry robbers. If you’re finding all your lovely garden crops filtered, this animal could be your culprit.

How to get rid of them

Simply put, raccoons are walking tornados, destroying and making a mess of everything in their path. They get in trouble, steal your stuff and trash your yard. If you suspect raccoons, you need professional help. Pointe Pest Control uses the most effective and preventative measures from keeping your yard and home raccoon free. Removing their food sources is the first preventative step to keeping your home raccoon free. Securing your garbage cans and moving pet food is one way to discourage them.

Pointe Pest Control offers safe, environmentally friendly ways of controlling the raccoon population around your house. Raccoons cause incredible amounts of damage and not only that, they carry diseases that are dangerous to the health of your family and pets. Give Pointe Pest Control a call today to keep the raccoon robbers at bay.

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