Preventing Pests – Spring 2020

Preventing Pests – Spring 2020

This time of year, we often see a spike in pest activity. As such, it’s critical to begin taking preventative measures to avoid full-blown pest problems come summer. Here are some things to look out for and steps you can take to stop an infestation in its tracks and safeguard your home from unwelcome guests.

Highways to Your Home

Try to be extra aware of any trees or bushes that may be touching your home or shed. While seemingly harmless, this close proximity of foliage can be damaging in more than one way. Moisture from the bush or tree against your household structures can cause the wood framing under your siding to rot and, on windy days, rogue branches can damage your roof’s shingles, causing a leak in your home. Furthermore, the branches act like a highway for squirrels, mice, and raccoons – taking them straight from your yard onto your roof. Once there, these unwelcome guests often find a way to burrow into your attic and home. Our techs will do their best to help you spot these pesky pest-highways so that you can avoid potential problems.

Door Sweeps

Rodent infestations are quite common and if you have never experienced one, count yourself lucky. Statistically, the odds are against you because each year an estimated 21 million homes experience a rodent invasion. What often leads to such invasions is a lack in preventative measures. Many rodents can slip through seemingly negligible small cracks, and if you find them in your garage, there may be a simple preventative measure you can take to eliminate the chance of rodents entering. Door sweeps are covers that line the bottom of your garage doors, protecting any gaps that might be present if your door does not lie completely flat to the concrete floor. Our Techs can help you spot these potential entryways and help you come up with alternative solutions.

Stop the Ants From Marching In

Try to scope out and eliminate potential nesting sites for ants such as planters on a deck, tree stumps, or rain gutters. These types of places can harbor thousands of ants and supply a never-ending stream of ants marching their way into your lives. In cases like this, you may need to clean out your planters or even have your gutters professionally cleaned. We can work with you to find these hidden threats, advise you on how to best proceed with your particular pest problem, and further help to prevent an ant invasion in your home with our treatments.

Block Out Bloodsuckers

Mosquitos are known for transmitting diseases from person to person, so it is extra important to shield yourself from these flying pests. Techniques of shielding yourself include, wearing clothing that covers your exposed skin, applying mosquito repellant, burning citronella candles, planting different flowers and herbs that mosquitos have an aversion to such as lavender, or even using oils such as lemon eucalyptus to repel the bloodsuckers.

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