Do Disney Cartoons Need Pest Control? 

Do Disney Cartoons Need Pest Control?

December 5th marks what would’ve been Walt Disney’s 114th birthday. If you’ve studied Walt Disney’s life, you realize he loved animals and animation. He was also a great proponent for the underdog, as he was one himself. With the whole world and sometimes his own father working against him, Walt often felt like the underdog but with the determination inside him to “make something of himself,” as he always said, he rose from the ground up. This theme resonates in his films, often portraying the view of the lowliest creature, which includes pests. Many of these films are desperate for Pointe Pest Control to come in and save the day with our guaranteed methods. Below are some of Mr. Disney’s finest films, which if real today, would’ve been screaming for a little pest control TLC.


This one is obvious. A scullery maid who makes friends with hundreds of mice and birds, feeding and dressing them, making bosom pals with them. In the real world, Cinderella would be sick with hantavirus or at least covered in the lice or mites that they carry. Doesn’t the wicked stepmother care that her house is teeming with mice and that her fat, evil cat does nothing to keep them away? Pointe Pest Control would have this infested nightmare cleaned up in a hurry.

Snow White

Here is a lonely princess, shunned by her evil stepmother, who flees into the woods only to find a vacant, filthy house. What does she do? Well, clean it of course! But only with the help of the forest vermin. Squirrels, raccoons, skunks and more come to her rescue to scour the house to perfection. Never mind that in real life, they would be dropping their feces everywhere and trying to scratch or bite Snow White, probably giving her infections rabies or something. Never mind this. Because this is a fairy tale, where pests are cute and perfect.

Mickey Mouse

Walt once said, “I’ve loved Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known!” And he loved his wife Lilly a lot. That’s saying something. He was totally enraptured with what he created, “a symbol of independence,” as he called him. A mouse! Mice can be cute but if we see one running around our house, we run, scream and zip on over to a drugstore for a mousetrap. Walt Disney’s shining star was a mouse he centered his whole career on. This little pest, this bottom of the food chain creature, has become bigger than any other cartoon animal. Good job Mr. Disney, you made this unlovable, disease carrying vermin something we want to wear on our shirts and sing songs about. We all love this Mickey Mouse pest.

Give Pointe Pest Control a call today…before you start dressing your mice in cute, little t-shirts and employing them to help you with your dishes. Let’s keep the pests in the cartoon world and out of your kitchen. Our guaranteed approach will give you peace of mind in no time. We look forward to serving you!

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