4 Occasional Invaders to Watch For This Fall

4 Occasional Invaders to Watch For This Fall

Have you heard of occasional invaders? They’re those pests that you don’t regularly hear about, but that can annoy, reproduce, and even do damage when they do make it indoors. If you’re living in Naperville, here are some occasional invader pests you might encounter this fall:

1. Clover Mites

Clover mites don’t do damage to homes or humans, but when they enter a home, these pin-head-sized pests often enter by the thousands. You’re more likely to see clover mites in fall as they seek shelter for molting and laying eggs. The best solution when clover mites enter your home? Vacuum them up on sight.

2. Field Crickets

When outdoor food resources begin to dwindle in the cooler months of fall, you’re more likely to see crickets. Luckily, these large black pests don’t reproduce indoors, but unluckily, they can also do damage to plants and fabrics. Cricket baits may lessen the problem, as will reducing vegetation around your home’s perimeter.

3. Box Elder Bugs

When box elder bugs discover the warm walls of any structure in the fall, they release a chemical scent that attracts more and more and more bugs, until an entire side of your home is covered in the creatures. To prevent them from making their way indoors, make sure to seal up any cracks around your home’s exterior.

4. Elm Leaf Beetle

Like box elder bugs, elm leaf beetles leave their homes in the trees in the fall in search of warmer shelter. And, like box elder bugs, one good way to keep them out is to seal the cracks and gaps around your home’s exterior. If you have elm trees around your home, it’s also a good idea to apply insecticide to your trees to reduce the population before the colder months hit.

Occasional invaders may be occasional, but that doesn’t make them less of a nuisance. If you’re experiencing an “occasional invasion,” try the experts at Pointe Pest Control. We guarantee solutions to your seasonal pest problems. Contact us today.

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