You Don’t Want To See These 10 INSANE Pest Infestations

You Don’t Want To See These 10 INSANE Pest Infestations

1. Have You Ever Seen A Cockroach Climb a Wall?


How about 10,000 cockroaches climb a wall? The creepiest thing about Cockroachs is that they don’t really need their heads to survive and can live for 2 weeks without it. Creepier still, they’ll die from dehydration instead of missing their head.

2. This Bee Video Had Us Covered in Hives.


Bees are currently experiencing a huge surge in medical importance, helping cure everything from arthritis to HIV (yes, the cure to AIDs could be a bee sting), but this clip gives us the heeby-jeebies anyway. Too many stingers in too small a space.

3. That’s A Unique Kind of “Night Light”


When searching for a infestation to showcase, this video blew us away. This wasn’t one house with a problem; the whole town was covered in white and brown moths. Estimates say there were over 100,000 moths swarming around the cities many street lights.

4. Oops, There Goes Another House


It’s a bit extreme to think that ants could move your house but in the sheer numbers we see in the clip above, and we are talking MILLIONS, we bet you’d quickly move to a different home because of them.

5. Check Out This Version of Ratatouille


We know the movie made Rats seem like misunderstood creatures. Nope. They are disease spreading, nasty vermin. Brown or black, we want nothing to do with them.

6. The Saying Really Should Be “Procreate Like Mice”


Honestly, at least bunnies are cute. Seeing a tide of mice come washing across your threshold is not a sight anyone wants to wake up to. The worse part? All of those mice are eating, which leads to a crap ton of clean-up, if you get our drift.

7. At Least These Flies Don’t Lay Eggs


Unlike their summer relatives, Cluster Flies don’t lay eggs in human food, making them one of the least harmful pests on our list. But just the sound of all of those wings flittering in our ears is enough to make us twitch.

8. Don’t Let The Bedbugs, Well, You Know.


We’re pretty sure that bedbugs were part of the ten plagues from the bible. We know it doesn’t say that, but honestly, when we watch the clip above, all we can think of is the river running red with blood from all of those bedbug bites.

9. Fair Warning: This Clip Is Going To Freak You Out


With the possible exception of clowns, Spiders rank at the top of the creepiest things in the world. And for good reason. They way their move with their host of eyes following their prey is scarier then the sales figures of the Justin Beiber album.

10. Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?


We saved the worst for last. We know some people keep snakes for pets. Those people never saw this clip. Pay it forward. Share this, and all of our clips, with your friends and family. Knowledge is power people.

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