When Sightless is the Preferred Way to Go

When Sightless is the Preferred Way to Go

If you have ever been into a cave, you know what true darkness is all about. When your flashlight is turned off there is nothing. Your eyes depend on light. When it is dark outside, there is still enough light from the moon and stars for you to make out shapes and contrasting images. In a cave that is not the story, once the light goes out you are left in the deepest darkness you have ever known. For most people this feeling is not a comfortable one, yet there are some insects that prefer the dark. In fact, they have given up their eyes because they no longer needed them.

Here Comes the Troglobites

Troglobites are a generic term for things that live inside of caves. Most people think of bats or snakes, but there are plenty of insects. Living in a cave is difficult. There are times when no food can be found. Other times a dead bat may fall to the ground and become dinner for a month. There is a species of arachnid called the Cokendolpher Cave harvestman, which lacks eyes. It uses other senses to find food. Technically, an arachnid is not an insect so we will introduce you to an eyeless cave beetle named Leptodirus hochenwartii. This beetle lives in pitch darkness, and as such, it doesn’t have any eyes because it doesn’t need them. Not much is known about these creatures, but somehow they are able to find food in a foodless environment.


Photo Credit: http://www.cascadecaverns.com and http://subbio.net

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