What Pest Am I? The Finale!

What Pest Am I? The Finale!

Your kids are playing outside when they run inside excitedly talking about an alien insect in the backyard. “We’ve never seen anything like it! It’s crazy looking and probably came from outer space!” As a parent, it’s nice to have all the answers for our kids so when they come asking questions, especially about nature, we might know what to say. Familiarizing yourself and your children with the world around will bring an appreciation for the outdoors and the creatures that live around us. It will also help to educate your children on the safe insects and the ones to stay away from. See if you can figure out some of these common and not-so-common insects below.

Mystery insect #1:

14Cerambyx cerdo

I belong to the beetle family and am known for my very long, threadlike antennae that extend back behind me and down my back. As a larvae, I bury under the bark of oak trees and eat the wood, doing much damage as I go I might add, but I can’t help that. I do love trees! Females lay up to 300 eggs at a time so our families are very large. Can you guess what I am?

Mystery insect #2:

16Jumping Spider

The first thing you might notice about me is my very distinctive eyes. Or that I am a spider. Maybe you’ll notice that first but don’t get scared. Look at my eyes! It’s not a trick, I promise. I actually have eight eyes, two of which are much larger than all the rest. It’s my best feature, I’m not going to lie. I’m usually hairy and I love to JUMP! What kind of spider am I?

Mystery insect #3:

15Robber fly

Being quite honest, I may be the kind of insect your kids come running in about because I am very unusual looking. I fly around and eat all sorts of insects such as wasps, bees, dragonflies and grasshoppers. Seeing me with another large insect in my mouth isn’t uncommon. I have the unfortunate reputation of being a “thief” but I can’t help my instincts. Can you figure out what I am?

Mystery insect #4:


I am closely related to beetles and I love grains. Mmm good and tasty starches are my favorite! I am a farmer’s nightmare as I often infest grain and cotton crops. You might find me hiding in your flour container or even a box of cereal. Usually I’ll have lots of family with me since we populate quickly. What am I?

Mystery insect #5:


Home owners are terrified of me. I guess I cause big problems but to me, I’m just eating my dinner and providing for my family. I love wood. I love to get deep into the structure of your home, forests, or wood piles and just gorge myself. It’s always so sad when Pointe Pest control technicians find me because they remove me so efficiently from my nice, snuggly nest I just built. Such a bummer, your home is so cozy. Can you guess what I am? It’s fun to learn about insects but one thing we all know, we don’t want them in our homes. If you notice these interesting bugs breaching the boundaries of your comfy space, you need a pest control expert from Pointe Pest Control. We are knowledgeable in all things insect and you need someone like that who can protect your home, family and assets. Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you! Now remember you can get help identifying any pest or pest infestation at your home with our new FREE pest tool. Click HERE

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Answers: #1 Great capricorn beetle #2 Jumping spider #3 Robber fly #4 Weevil #5 Termite

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