Pet Rats – Safe or Not? 

Pet Rats – Safe or Not?

Humans have used animals to keep them company for centuries. Animals are great companions in times of loneliness and happiness. Cats and dogs typically fill the need but people often branch out to care for other types of pets including amphibians, insects and yes, rodents. Rats are often viewed with vehemence as filthy vermin that infest and destroy property. However, many pet owners adore rats and even find them adorable and enjoyable companions, teaching them tricks and even cuddling them. Rats are becoming popular as pets but with all we know about rodents and the diseases they carry, is this really safe? Pointe Pest Control has a thorough knowledge of rodents and is happy to answer this and any other rodents questions you have.

Risks of Rats as Pets

Pet stores typically sell ancestors from the brown rat, also known as the “fancy rat” and can differ in appearance such as brown, spotted, white, hairless and more. Though rats can make good pets, they are still bound by their instincts which means they instinctively do what they have always done. Just like all animals, there are risks when they behave suddenly like they would in the wild, regardless of how domesticated they are. Below are a few of those risks: Biting – Rats have been known to bite or attack when they feel threatened or aggravated. Their jaws are powerful and strong, known to break the skin and cause pain. If the rat is infected, rat bite fever can be contracted, which is dangerous, even deadly, if medical attention is not given. Scratching – If the rat is feeling annoyed or if they get excited, they do have claws and can scratch and draw blood. Diseases – Though you’d like to think that every pet that comes from the pet store is clean and disease free, that isn’t always the case and pet stores have been known to sell diseased rats, causing harm to their owners. Rats carry diseases and if by chance you purchase an infected rat, they can pass that disease on to you or your children. These diseases are deadly and should not be messed with. Taking your pet rat to the vet to get an examination is always a good idea.

Take Precautions and be Safe

Rats can be very enjoyable pets and with the right precautions and safety measures, you will be able to enjoy your pet rat. And if you have rats that are uninvited and made themselves at home in your house, you need professional help. Pointe Pest Control is experienced with rodent control and can effectively remove your rodent problem. Infesting rats are very dangerous and our technicians will get rid of the problem with no risk to you or your loved ones. Our treatments are non-toxic, yet efficient at removing rodent infestations. Don’t make one of these infesting rats your pet, they are not safe, so call us today for all your rodent control needs.

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