Top 4 Fall Pests in Gold Coast

Top 4 Fall Pests in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast area is beautiful in the fall, creating the perfect weather for a stroll through the neighborhood to a favorite bistro, bar, or museum. The same cooling weather tends to have the opposite effect on certain pests in the area, though, who scramble indoors in preparation for the winter ahead. Here are four pests to watch out for this season:

1. Rodents

They’ll pop up even more next month, but now is the time to start thinking of prevention measures for this furry, unpleasant pest. Late summer is peak breeding season for mice, which means they’ll start looking for warm, secure nesting places in your walls – preferably something close to an easy meal. Not only can rodents do damage to a home, they present a serious health hazard to you and your family members.

2. Box Elder Bugs

Perhaps the most common pest for the area this time of year, box elder bugs flock to the warm sides of buildings, breeding and laying their eggs under the siding and gutters of your home. While box elder bugs don’t pose a health hazard, their quantity can be a severe annoyance, and their dye sac can stain upholstery and carpet if they’re crushed inside your home.

3. Spiders

You don’t see as many spiders in the summer, but they start to resurface in the fall as they begin to breed and search for a warm place to lay their eggs. They’ll usually appear in the darker corners of your home, and they’ll make their presence manifest with unsightly webs.

4. Wasps

Wasps and other stinging insects become particularly aggressive in September as their numbers increase. So aggressive, in fact, that a recent Department of Labor press release cited attacks from stinging insects as the leading cause of death among workers. If you’re experiencing an invasion around your home, you have a problem that’s too dangerous to ignore.

Are you experiencing an infestation from one of these seasonal invaders? Contact Pointe Pest Control. Our experts will help you pest-proof your home and enjoy the fall weather in peace.

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