Top 3 Spring Pests in Orland Park

Top 3 Spring Pests in Orland Park

As the weather starts to warm up and residents of Orland Park start to emerge from hibernation, so do area pests. Here are three major pests to watch for this spring:

1 – Mosquitoes

Winter moisture brings spring runoff, and with it swarms of mosquitoes. 2012 marked one of the worst years in Illinois history for West Nile Virus, and the battle continues today. Make sure to spray with repellant when going outdoors, and eliminate any standing water in and around your home.

2 – Ticks

Just like the mosquito, ticks are nasty parasites that love the warm bodies that emerge in spring. They carry with them the risk of Lyme disease and a number of other nasty illnesses, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and tularemia. While ticks used to be rare in the area, researchers say that deer tick numbers are on the rise, perhaps being spread by migrating animals. The key with ticks is to be vigilant, particularly when venturing into the outdoors with your pets.

3 – Mammals

Spring is the time when wild animals like skunks, raccoons, and squirrels emerge from the winter hiding places and have babies. When caught in the rain on their way to a food source, they’ve have been known to hide under awnings, under porches, and even in people’s cars. These fuzzy critters may be cute, but they can wreak havoc. They have the potential to spread rabies and hurt your pets, not to mention the terrible reek that skunks leave in their wake. Emergency spring infestation? Call in the experts at Pointe Pest Control. We’re well-acquainted with the seasonal “pest trends” in the area and can solve your problem safely and efficiently. Contact us today.

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