Time To Prevent Mosquitos

Time To Prevent Mosquitos

Yes, it’s true, it’s not too early to start taking action to protect your family from mosquitoes this summer. Not only does proactive mosquito prevention make outdoor time much more enjoyable, it keeps your family safe. Now that we know about mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and West Nile Virus (which has been a problem in the Chicago area in recent years), it’s more important than ever. Once the average temperature hits 50 degrees or higher, it’s time to start worrying about mosquitoes and the accompanying problems they bring.

What you can do?

Spring yard clean up is the perfect time to take preventative measures against mosquito infestation. In addition to chemical pest control, which is very effective in repelling mosquitoes, the most important thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes is to eliminate any standing water around your home or in your yard. Make sure there are no old flowerpots or buckets sitting around collecting rainwater. Wheelbarrows are also a popular place for mosquitoes to congregate around accumulated water. If you have any hollow tree stumps in your yard, fill them with sand or mulch. If your kids have a tire swing, drill holes in the bottom to keep water from pooling.

Speaking of pools, if you have an inflatable or plastic kiddy pool, keep it turned over or propped up when not in use. If you have an in-ground pool, make sure it is chlorinated and cleaned out regularly. A well-maintained pool (or pond) isn’t a problem; however, if not regularly cleaned, it can become a mosquito breeding ground with enough mosquitoes to infect the entire neighborhood!

You + Pest Control Professional = A Mosquito-Free Summer

Summer mosquito control begins with proactive clean up around your yard. For the most effective control, partner your efforts with those of a professional. The technicians at Pointe Pest Control are trained in the very best methods of mosquito abatement that keep your family and pets safe. Chemical pest control can be both safe and effective, and combined with your efforts, can equal a worry-free (i.e. mosquito-free) summer of backyard barbecues.

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