The Most Popular Pests of Halloween-time Horrors


The Most Popular Pests of Halloween-time Horrors

The Spookiest Time of Year

Halloween celebrates the creepy and the crawly; the unnerving and unsettling; and the most harrowing of horrors. As such, it’s no surprise that bugs and pests are often features of the holiday. They are used in decorations, as mock Halloween snacks, in Halloween horror films, and even as creepy costumes. Some pests are particularly prolific in Halloween culture. The following 5 are the most highlighted Halloween pests:

1. Spiders

Probably the most infamous member of our list, spiders are not only highlighted on Halloween, they have actually become a symbol of the haunting holiday. This is typically attributed to the fact that spiders embody the essence of the spooky atmosphere that Halloween is all about. They’re creepy, they inhabit dark and uninviting places, and they can even be deadly depending on the species. In particular, a lot of imagery of black widows is used to portray darkness and danger and, as one of the two most venomous species of spider in the United States, the association is absolutely justified.

2. Centipedes/Millipedes

If eight legs weren’t bad enough, centipedes and millipedes go the extra mile with their multiplicity of nasty legs. Not only are both of these species very unpleasing and, in fact, rather frightening to behold, but some of them even bite! These bites, while not life threatening, can sometimes be excruciating depending on the sub-species you were unlucky enough to encounter.

3. Beetles

Since the 1700’s some beetles have been considered omens of death. The Xestobium rufovillosum, nicknamed the death beetle gained particular infamy in literary works. Most notably, it was featured in Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” as well as in Mark Twain’s famous novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Their infamy has trickled down throughout history and, although they are no longer a forefront of horror in today’s society, they are still featured around Halloween.

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the ‘poster pest’ for unsanitary conditions and have very negative associations within the world of bugs. As such, they are very easily utilized during Halloween to repulse people. “Stuffed cockroaches” (an appetizer using dates and a cheese of filling), roach shaped candies, and even baked goods shaped like the nasty little creatures are all very popular Halloween treats. While they may be thrilling as fake Halloween treats, the real things are nothing short of terrifying.

5. Worms

From gummy worms, to witch’s brew, the imagery of these nasty, slimy, squirmy little insects is literally plastered all around Halloween. While the other entrants on this list are considered pests, Earth worms are actually rather helpful around homes and gardens. They feed on plant debris, provide drainage for excess moisture in yards, cultivate the earth by breaking down organic matter into useful substances for plants, and more. They also have no interest whatsoever in gaining access to your home, making them the most pleasant insect on this list in terms of pest control.

Petrifying Pest Control

Well… petrifying for the pests, not you. Pest activity often increases around Halloween as the temperatures outside begin to drop and the they begin seeking shelter for the coming winter months. With all the frightening fun around Halloween, dealing with pests is one thing you shouldn’t have to fear. Our technicians have got your back! Call us today if you need any help with those creepy crawlers.


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