The Largest Spider in the World

The Largest Spider in the World

When we humans fear something, our senses are clouded and irrational. Seeing a terrifying spider in our house may lead our brain to exaggerate the reality. What may in actuality be a half inch spider, our adrenaline charged brain may perceive it to be a 3 inches long. When you’re telling your “fish story” later to your friends about the size of that spider, it may be slightly distorted. Arachnids in your house just don’t belong, especially oversized ones. Thankfully the world’s largest spider isn’t typically found in homes but just for the fun of it, let’s raise the hair on your arms and talk about it.

The Goliath Birdeater

Just the name of this spider is enough to make your skin crawl. A spider big enough to eat birds? But c’mon, really? Is it really true? A spider? Eating a BIRD? Yes, it is. That is just how big the Goliath tarantula is. This gargantuan spider is nearly a foot in length and has a pair of horrifying 1 inch long fangs. This is what nightmares are made of. Can you imagine if spiders the size of dinner plates infested your house? Good thing they are native to South America and not Illinois.

How it originally got its name

When it was discovered, the scientist that found it watched it catch a hummingbird and eat it for lunch. It was so astounding that the “bird eating” part became connected to its name, even though they rarely eat birds. They may eat a hatchling if they are lucky but their diet mostly consists of lizards, frogs, small snakes, insects and sometimes even bats.

Habits and Life

This spider lives in deep burrows and comes out for food, usually stalking it’s prey in a sneaky manner. When ready, the spider pounces and injects poison through its long fangs, paralyzing the helpless victim. This spider is very aggressive and does not make a good pet. It may look pretty impressive in a cage, but due to its nature, it is a dangerous pet to have. When frightened, the Goliath birdeater makes a hissing noise to frighten off its prey. This is unusual since most spiders are silent, but the Goliath birdeater rubs the bristles on its legs together to create this sound. When mating with a female, 50% of males are either killed or severely injured while attempting to mate.

Keeping Gigantic Spiders out

While you may not have Goliath birdeater tarantulas wandering around your home, the smaller ones are just as scary, especially if they are poisonous. Black widows and brown recluse spiders commonly make their way into homes across America and are very dangerous. Pointe Pest Control has the most experienced, professional spider control technicians in the business. Our customers are what make us successful and we will not quit a job till it’s finished. Call us today to get your home spider free!

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