The Black Plague

The Black Plague

The black plague, also known as the bubonic plague, ravaged through China and Europe in the 13th century. Traveling through the Silk Road in China, a populous trading route, the black plague was then passed to Crimea which then made its way completely through the European continent. The symptoms were severe such as fevers, chills, headache, weakness, swollen lymph nodes and last, blood-filled boils that looked like black marks all over the skin, hence the name the black plague. Exposure to the black plague meant certain death since it was so extremely contagious and an incredible 200 million people died from it in a short 7 year span. But who was behind this insidious disease?

Where the Disease Started

The black plague originated in China with Oriental rat fleas that lived on the backs of black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships. It is a little bit of a controversy in the last year whether the rodent in question was a rat or a gerbil, but regardless, it was a rodent either way. The fleas would then carry the disease and infect the people they came in contact with. Most people think of dogs as the only ones who are susceptible to flea bites but this is not true. Fleas just want blood from a warm body, human or canine. Humans soon came down with the black plague and began passing it to each other. Imagine a disease sweeping through our country, killing 60% of the population. This is what happened in the 1300’s and how devastating it was.

Dangers of Disease-Carrying Pests

While the black plague is not killing off entire civilizations, it is still around today. Between 2000 to 2009, a surprising 20,000 cases were reported. It is found still in third world countries where cleanliness and hygiene are not practiced in rural communities. During this time period, 56 people in the United States contracted it and 7 people died. The black plague may be uncommon in our country, but rodents still pass some terrifying diseases to humans such as hantavirus and leptospirosis. A rodent infestation is still just as scary today as it was in the middle ages because rodents still carry deadly bacteria and can destroy your personal property incredibly fast. When dealing with rodents or fleas or any pest, you need professional help.

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When dealing with dangerous, pathogen carrying pests, you should never try and get rid of them yourself. Pointe Pest Control technicians remove your infestations with professional protection and equipment. We use methods that are non-toxic that will give you peace of mind when it comes to your family. These treatments are tough on pests however and you can rest assured your infestation will be soon be gone from you life. Call us today!

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