Sugary Pests Make a Mess

Sugary Pests Make a Mess

After a long Halloween night of candy accumulation, you wash the make up from your kids’ faces, and make certain their hair has returned to its natural color. After things are back to normal, there is still the candy. Your kids might have the occasional sugar high as they consume their spoils. Halloween is a holiday for any candy loving kid. There are also insects that love sugar, probably even more than your children.


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If you open your sugar, flour, or cereal and see little black bugs scurrying for cover, or small worms making a dash at burrowing away, congratulations, you have weevils. Weevils love carbohydrates and sugar. They can infest your home from the grocery store, or they can find their way in from the outside. One good way to keep weevils from getting into your flour is to freeze it and then store it in a plastic air tight container.


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If your kids drop some of their Halloween candy, or a bit of breakfast cereal, it won’t take long for ants to storm your home. Ants love sweets. If a scout finds a crumb, you will soon face a line of workers ready to extract food from your house. Once in, they will keep coming back. Ants can find the smallest crumb, and fit through the smallest spaces. One way to deter ants and other pests is to keep your kitchen clean. Sweep often. If honey, jam, or syrup spills a little and you get droplets on the container, clean it up. Even with these precautions, you can still have an ant problem.



Cockroaches are tough. Did you know that they can survive 1 week without water and an entire month without food? Good luck if you try to drown them, they can survive without a breath for 40 minutes. Cockroaches reproduce rapidly and are immune to many of the over the counter pesticides you can purchase from the garden center. These reasons make cockroach control difficult for the average homeowner, but not for us.

Pointe Pest Control is your Solution

No matter what insect or pest is targeting your food, we have a solution that will eliminate the intruder. We have the expertise, equipment, science and technology on our side that help us eradicate any pest infestation. If you have weevils, ants, cockroaches, or anything else that makes you panic, give us a call and your problem will be solved. We are Pointe Pest Control and we are serious about protection your home from pesky pests.

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