Small But Mighty – Clover Mites

Small But Mighty – Clover Mites


What is a clover mite? These tiny relatives of ticks and spiders are true mites, not actually insects. They are tiny red bugs that appear no bigger than the tip of a pin, but if you look closely, you’ll see they have long front legs. Usually they like to feed on grass, plants, weeds, and clover, and are especially prolific during spring and fall months.


Why do you have a clover mite infestation? These little critters will migrate from your lawn to your home, getting in through any and all tiny openings. Spaces around windows and doors are especially vulnerable. You may find them crawling around your windowsills, walls, or windows. Outside they can be found in large groups on your brick walls, siding, or other outdoor surfaces. They often hang out on the sunniest side of your house. If you smash them, they will leave a specific red stain. Although they may leave stains on your carpet or furniture or even walls, the good news is they are not harmful to you or your pets, and they don’t cause structural damage to your home.


How can you get rid of them? Because they like to infest homes in large groups, clover mites can be especially difficult to treat. Try to locate and seal any possible entry points around your home. But, be aware, these miniscule mites can find even the tiniest of openings and invade your home. DIY methods are rarely successful with clover mites. If you suspect a clover mite invasion of your space, trust the professionals. The exterminators at Pointe Pest Control will use a safe and effective insecticide, paying extra attention to doors, windows, and foundations, which is the best way to protect your space.


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