The Most Poisonous Insects in Illinois 

The Most Poisonous Insects in Illinois

Insects are annoying enough, getting into your home, messing up your kitchen and totally freaking you out when you’re unaware. On the whole, most are harmless, they just love to bother you. But there are a small handful of species that are rather dangerous. They can cause itching, pain or even death if not treated immediately. It’s important to be aware of the poisonous insects common to Illinois. If you find your area is susceptible to these insects or spiders, you must take immediate action to be sure your home isn’t their next target. They want a place to nest or rest and your home is as good as any. Pointe Pest Control technicians are your experts when you need Illinois or Chicago pest control.

Common poisonous insects in Illinois

Illinois residents need to be aware of the dangerous bugs that exist within the state. Knowledge is power and if you educate yourself, you can protect yourself. These insects can infest your home and yard, you really can’t take any chances. Below are some insects to be aware of. Bees: Not only do their stings hurt and cause painful welts, but some people are deathly allergic and can go into anaphylactic shock. Urgent medical attention is essential. Harvester ants: These insects have a tenacious bite with a vicious sting. The reaction can spread to the lymph system and cause pain for hours. Browntail moth: This moth causes a reaction similar to poison ivy, spreading a full body rash that will violently itch uncontrollably. The rash can last for weeks if touched. Brown recluse spiders: These spiders cause a dangerous reaction that can totally destroy the nervous system. Victims report never recovering from the effects and some can die. It’s imperative to get immediate medical attention if you’ve been bitten. Black widow spiders: Everyone knows of this spider because of its potentially fatal bite. The female black widow can be particularly aggressive when it comes to protecting an egg sac so watch out!

Professional Pest Control is a Must

When it comes to dangerous insects, it’s essential that you get thorough pest control to protect your family, pets and your health. Pointe Pest Control is experienced at getting rid of dangerous pest infestations. You do not want to tackle these infestations on your own. We have the tools and protection necessary to get rid of these nasty, harmful invaders. When you’re looking for guaranteed Chicago pest control, look no further than the friendly team at Pointe Pest Control. We are excited to be your Illinois pest control professionals for many years to come.

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