Nothing Says Turkey Time Like… Bugs?

Nothing Says Turkey Time Like… Bugs?

While sitting down to a nice Thanksgiving dinner, you and your family members might fall into the standard tradition of mentioning the things for which you’re thankful. Now imagine, while everyone is going around the table what would happen, your mother says how grateful she is for eating insects. If she said it with a straight face you might begin staring at your mashed potatoes with the scrutiny of Sherlock Holmes. Finding maggots, earwigs, or any other kind of pest in your house makes you run screaming for the phone to dial in your Pointe Pest Control technician, but in some parts of the world, eating bugs is as commonplace as eating…well, mashed potatoes!

Dry Roasted Crickets

Of the 1,462 known edible insects, crickets are the most popular. Add a bit of garlic, butter, salt and Cajun seasoning, bake for a pan of chirpy crickets for twenty minutes at 200 degrees, and you will have a delicious side dish that will leave your taste bugs tingling. Your body will love it too, crickets are packet with vital nutrients including; protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorous, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.

Mealworm Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie With A Slice Being Cut
If you want pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner, but the only thing your local grocery store has is mealworms, you’re in luck! Mealworms have a nutty taste and can easily replace nuts in a variety of dishes. If you are on a diet that requires you to go easy on cholesterol and saturated fats, you are in luck. Mealworms are high in good fats, and do not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats. One bite of mealworm pecan pie and you will agree… these worms are nutty. Now you can have your pecan pie and eat it too.

Deep Fried Tarantulas

You’ve heard of the deep fried turkey, but have you heard of the deep fried tarantula? If you can build up enough courage to eat one, it might be bon appetite for this arachnid. They might look hairy and scary, but they pack good protein. For a chewy experience, focus on the legs. If the flavor makes you crave more, you can devour the thorax; just make certain you avoid the fangs. They’re too hard to eat.

Pointe Pest Control is in control of infestations

If you have an insect infestation in your home and if eating them isn’t an option, Pointe Pest Control is ready to eliminate pests. From cockroaches and bees to termites and bed bugs, our technicians can handle any pest outbreak. When you need reliable, expert pest control, make certain that your first call is Pointe Pest Control. With us, your home can be free from pesky pests.

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