Keep Out Pantry Pests This Thanksgiving

Keep Out Pantry Pests This Thanksgiving

Ever heard of pantry pests? Besides early Black Friday sales throughout Chicagoland, they’re quite possibly the greatest enemy of Thanksgiving. They spoil baking supplies and leave a foul odor in their wake. Here are some strategies to make sure pantry pests – and other, bigger pests, for that matter – don’t sneak in and ruin your holiday:

1. Check expiration dates.

Older packages of dry ingredients are more at risk of being discovered and consumed by grain and flour beetles. If an item is expired, exercise extra caution when using it in your meal.

2. Inspect all items at the grocery store.

Even packaged items at the grocery store are at risk of exposure to pantry pests. Do a visual inspection of dry items sealed in anything other than cans or airtight plastic containers. Pests can get in through tiny tears or openings.

3. Seal up your dry ingredients.

When storing dry ingredients in your pantry, seal everything in airtight plastic containers. Cardboard, paper bags, plastic bags, and rice bags can be easily chewed through by even the tiniest, most inconspicuous larvae.

4. Clean up your spills.

Even small food spills can get picked up by any number of pests. Make it a ritual to wipe down countertops and sweep and mop the floor after each baking session.

For questions about pests small and large that may get in the way of your Thanksgiving festivities, give the experts at Pointe Pest Control a call.

May your Thanksgiving be full of family and devoid of pests!

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