Keep it or Kill it? Have the Healthiest Yard

Keep it or Kill it? Have the Healthiest Yard

Insects can be our friends or one of our most annoying enemies. Familiarizing yourself with common insects in your garden will help you know which ones are which. If you have entomophobia (fear of insects), you may think they are all bad. But there are many little, living creatures roaming around your flowerbeds that provide a positive oasis for your plants to thrive in. Knowing which ones to keep around is vital for the health of your garden. Pointe Pest Control has you covered! With our “Keep it or Kill it” series, we strive to educate and assist you with the best bugs to keep around and how to have the most healthy yard possible. So without further ado, check out this week’s spotlight insects!

Hoverflies: Keep it or Kill it?


As larvae, this greenish slug looking insect devours aphids and other harmful insects all day long. Hoverfly larvae are incredibly valuable to farmers since they do such an effective job at controlling the aphid population. As an adult, they resemble bees with a striped black and yellow body, however their flight patterns are quick and erratic, able to fly forward, backward and sideways. They spend their adult life visiting flowers and are sometimes known as flower flies, being a very productive pollinator. Answer: Keep it

Grasshoppers: Keep it or Kill it?


Grasshoppers are herbivores and demolish any leafy, green thing in their path. A handful of them can leave your garden looking pretty ragged in no time. An infestation on a farm can result in extensive crop damage and loss. These insects come in a wide variety of colors and are difficult to control. Chemical control is necessary in most cases to prevent them from killing your entire garden. Answer: Kill it

Spiders: Keep it or Kill it?


While you may cringe with the idea of keeping these guys in your garden, they really are one of the top predators around. You certainly don’t want them in your house, but keeping them in your garden is a great idea when it comes to killing harmful insects. Studies have shown arachnids to be one of the most beneficial garden creatures around, hunting and patrolling your plants for a number of damage causing pests. These are a MUST amongst your flowers, shrubs, and produce plants. Answer: Keep it

Leaffooted bugs: Keep it or Kill it?

leaffooted Photo Credit: Larry L. Strand.

Leaffooted bugs are identified by their hind legs, which look like small leaves. They suck the sap and juices from a large variety of plants but their favorites are fruit crops. Don’t let your guard down though, they’re not picky and like many kinds of plants. They lay their eggs in amber colored strands in a row along the leaves or new fruit of a plant. This will be your first clue that leaffooted bugs are about to become a problem. Answer: Kill it Pointe Pest Control likes to take care of our entomophobic friends. If you have a fear of insects, leave this situation to the experts. We will come and inspect your garden for infesting pests and keep around the good ones. Our pest control techniques are environmentally friendly and safe for your plants, family and pets. We are happy to assist you in keeping your garden fruitful and flowering this year, so give us a call today!

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