It Isn’t a Trick, These Pests Are No Treat

It Isn’t a Trick, These Pests Are No Treat

No matter how scary the trick-or-treater, pesky rodent and insect invaders will have any kid costume beat. If you are looking to have a spine screeching scare, these pests will do the trick and take all of your hard-earned treats.

1. Vampires:

Yep they are real. These vampires are much smaller than the one you will see on Halloween movie marathons. They sneak into your bed while you are sleeping and drink your blood while you sleep. A single female bed bug can lay 100 eggs in her lifetime. One bug can turn into a real problem in no time at all.


2. Ghosts haunting your house:

If you are hearing movement and scratching at night, you may think you have ghosts. Unfortunately, you have something much worse. You may have trouble of the furry kind. Mice and rats are better at hiding than you are at finding them. The scariest thing about rodents is how many diseases they carry. Many of those diseases will make you wish you were dead, while a few others can kill you.

Rat on a green background...

3. The headless horseman:

Ichabod Crane would need a change of underwear. The headless horse man comes with six legs and a desire to raid your pantry. Ever heard the phrase that a cockroach can live without its head? It is true. Take the head off a cockroach and it can still live without food for a week. If you have them in your house it will take a professional to get them out.

cockroach on white background. macro

4. Real monsters:

When you think of a monster, terrifying images come to mind. This next insect would make many of the Halloween monsters go into hiding. Introducing the Human Bot Fly. You can find them in Central and South America. If you get botfly eggs on your skin, they will soon hatch. Immediately the larvae go to work, they burrow into your skin and begin to eat you flesh. Once they have eaten their fill, they will develop into a fly and emerge from your skin.

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