Summer in Glenview is hot and humid, and this summer is on track to be hotter than usual, staying drier and much warmer than normal well into October (dry meaning lack of rain, not lack of humidity, sorry folks!). For pests that thrive in hot and humid conditions, this means extra time to pester you and your family. This is especially true of fruit flies, which, since they are tropical insects, thrive in hot, humid spots.

These extra-persistent pests do have a weak spot, however; fruit flies are cold-blooded and are unable to cope with cold temperatures. Although the average refrigerator won’t instantly kill household fruit flies, it’s cold enough to keep them from breeding. In fact, anything below 68 degrees Fahrenheit makes it hard for them to reproduce.

Typically, the main cause of fruit fly infestation are eggs laid on fruit when at room temperature. Fruit flies love to ‘feed and breed’ on ripe, rotten produce. To help reduce fruit flies in your home, buy fruit and veggies before they’re really ripe, wash them well, and put them immediately into your fridge. A 40-degree fridge is a great aid in keeping fruit flies at bay.

Once fruit begins to ferment, put it in a sealed bag and in the outside trash. It’s recommended you put all food refuse in your outdoor garbage can. Nothing makes fruit flies happier than a stash of ripe fruit in your warm kitchen trash! Also, clean up any spills or sticky messes quickly.

As with any insect infestation, the most effective treatment is to call the experts. If you find fruit flies are affecting your ability to relax and enjoy your home during the summer months, call the professionals at Pointe Pest Control today. They’ll keep your home a ‘fruit fly free’ zone.