Are Daddy Longlegs Spiders? 

Are Daddy Longlegs Spiders?

You might have heard about daddy longlegs. Perhaps you have seen them crawling around in your yard. It is easy to identify them with their long legs. You may have even heard that they are the most poisonous “spider” in the world, but their fangs are too short to properly bite. If you have ever wondered if they are in fact spiders, you might be surprised to discover that the answer is… well, it depends.

One Name, Two Different Creatures

First off, there are two creatures that bear the same name. First off there is the cellar spider, which is often referred to as daddy longlegs. This is a true spider. It is fond of dark areas like cellars and basements. The cellar spider has long legs, and creates a non-sticky web. The strands are a tangled mess and are often enough to trap unsuspecting prey. Cellar spiders are not poisonous. They do have fangs and will bite you if you decide to grab it, but their venom is not harmful.

The Harvestman

The other bug is not a spider, it is an arachnid called a harvestmen. This is the little critter that you find in your yard. Harvestmen have eight long legs and an oval body. Even though they have eight legs, their body shape is the first sign that they are not a spider. Spider bodies are clearly separated into an abdomen and a cephalothorax. The harvestmen also have both parts, but the connection is wide enough that is looks like an oval.

If you are worried about their venom, you can relax. Harvestmen do not have venom sacs. In fact they do not even have fangs. Harvestmen do not create venom. That means if you ever hear someone claiming that they are the most poisonous spider on the planet, feel free to laugh, just make certain you educate them afterwards. They are opportunistic omnivorous, meaning they will eat decaying organic matter and do not care if it is a dead bird or rotten leaves. Instead of fangs, harvestmen have a mouth and chew their food just like you. Unlike spiders, harvestmen can lose few legs if threatened. The fallen legs wiggle and squirm, and act as a distraction. This little distraction trick helps the harvestmen escape from predators.

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