The Creepiest Crawlers in Chicago

The Creepiest Crawlers in Chicago

Chicago, or Illinois specifically, has some downright disgusting insects that will send shivers down your spine. It’s bad enough that you have to sometimes cross paths with these bugs in the great outdoors, but if they make their way into your house at any time, looking for shelter, that’s when your life can become very stressful. Some insects won’t infest inside your house but infest in your yard and this can be just as upsetting. Creeping around your porch, your deck and front door can be pretty alarming sights when you wish to relax outside. Here are a few you might encounter outside.


This one might surprise you. Scorpions in Chicago? These are actually mini scorpions that lack the stinging tail and only have claws. While these claws are ominous and scary looking, they are not venomous and harmless to humans.

2-Robber flies

These flies look a little scary and have rather aggressive predatory habits, but they are also harmless to humans. They hunt their prey and literally suck the life right out of them. Their long, crooked legs and pointed body are their most distinguishing feature.

3-Brown recluse

This nasty spider is bad news. While this spider doesn’t actively hunt humans or aggressively attack, spider bites are still a risk. The brown recluse is just as its name suggests, reclusive. People most often get bit because they put their foot in a shoe or reach their hand into a corner where a brown recluse is hiding. In defense, the spider will bite and their bite can cause necrosis tissue. Urgent medical care is needed.

4-American pelecinid wasp

This wasp looks absolutely insane, almost like a small alien. It is immediately distinguished by its extremely long, curly “tail,” which isn’t even a tail. It’s actually its abdomen. It is used to plant eggs on the backs of grubs.

5-Venusta orchard spider

These spiders are beautiful yet slightly shocking. Their long legs and large round abdomens look similar in shape to black widows, however their coloring is completely different. They are colorful red, green, yellow, orange and appear almost like shiny beads. Mostly you’ll see them in your shrubs and flower garden.

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