Why Do Bugs LOVE My House?

Why Do Bugs LOVE My House?

You walk inside your home and you see ants walking across your kitchen floor. As you go to get your broom, you could find a cockroach in your closet or a spider on your wall. You might even find carpet beetles eating your carpet, or bed bugs in your bed. There are hundreds of different bugs and it seems like plenty of them love your home. Have you ever wondered why? What is it about your home that brings in the bugs? Before you get to upset, remember that Pointe Pest Control is your solution for pest control in Naperville.

Bugs that Bug

First off, everything you like about your home from the food and shelter to the even temperatures is exactly what brings in the bugs. Cockroaches, ants, and weevils love the food in your pantry. If you spill a crumb, they will find it. Spiders love to eat the insects that have made it into your home. If they can find prey, they will make your home, their home. You love how your home is a shelter. Wasps are looking for the same thing. They use the eaves of your home to protect their nests from rain and wind. If there is a hole in your eaves, or gaps around your water main, yellow jackets will do everything they can to make a nest inside the walls of your home. Now the favorite part of your home for a bed bug is you. When it comes to a bed bug diet plan, you are their main course.

Keep the bugs at bay

No matter how much bugs love your home, or want to find a way inside you have the power to stop them. Grab your cell phone and give Pointe Pest Control a call. We provide real solutions to any infestation. Our technicians will identify the pest, and then create a control plan that will meet your needs and eliminate the pest for good. We can protect your home from any pest that wants to ruin your day. When you want the best pest control in Naperville, you need the professionals with Pointe Pest Control.

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