Are There Oriental Cockroaches in Chicago? 

Are There Oriental Cockroaches in Chicago?

In Chicago you can find our renowned pizza, the L and if you look closely, you will find plenty of cockroaches. Unfortunately, our city hosts not only the German and American cockroach, but you can also find the Oriental cockroach. Oriental cockroaches love water and wet another name for them is water bugs/beetles. With Lake Michigan so close, guess what, our soils have a lot of water and are wet. If you have a cockroach problem, Pointe Pest Control has an answer. When Elmhurst needs pest control, they call us.

What is an Oriental Cockroach?

If you are wondering what an Oriental cockroach looks like, it is dark brown, almost black. You will also notice an oily sheen on its body. Oriental cockroaches are a little bit different than other cockroach varieties. First off, they love water. Common places to find them are in areas that are damp, dark and moist. The area under your sink is a good place; you can also find them around your washing machine. They also love the sewer, drains and bathrooms. Oriental cockroaches are less wary than other species and a lot more sluggish. Female oriental cockroaches have tiny, functionless wing buds, while the males have wings that extend only three-quarters down their abdomen. You don’t need to worry, neither gender can fly. In fact, they are almost always found at the ground level. You will seldom find them on second stories and above. They won’t be climbing up your walls, or getting into the cupboard above your fridge.

Why They are a Problem

It is all about location. Oriental cockroaches spend their time around decaying material, feces, garbage and grime. Imagine all of the nasty things associated with decay. Their bodies pick up a lot of nasty viruses, bacteria and protozoans. Everywhere they walk, they spread these diseases. If they get into your food, you can get sick. If they walk across an area where you prepare food, you could get E. coli. In fact, food poisoning is the number one sickness that comes from a cockroach infestation. If anyone in your family suffers from asthma, an infestation of cockroaches will make it much worse. Their excrement and cast skin gets airborne and can cause severe asthmatic episodes.

The Solution

You’ve heard that cockroaches are resilient. They can go a few months without food and live more than a week without water. You might have even read that they can live without a head. There are a lot of factors that make getting rid of cockroaches difficult. That is why if you have a cockroach problem, Pointe Pest Control is your solution. We understand cockroaches, we know where they live, hide, and we know how to eliminate them from your home. When you want the best in cockroach control, give us a call, and soon your home will no longer be a cockroach hotel.

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