What is Rat Bite fever?

What is Rat Bite Fever?

Glenview, Illinois is a community that strives for clean air and less pollution. They have initiated a great push towards biking as a low cost, anti-pollution method of traveling around the beautiful village. Making streets more bicycle friendly as well as constructing bicycle paths where they can encourages residents to bike rather than drive to where they need to go. For rodents however, they sneak and scurry quietly and quickly to avoid detection when they travel. Most homeowners are unaware that they have a rodent infestation until there are many of them living there. Rodents seldom attack humans, however rats are known to be the more aggressive species in the rodent family. To protect themselves, they may lash out and try and bite you. If they are successful, you need to get medical attention immediately because rats carry many diseases that can harm humans. One particularly dangerous disease is rat bite fever.

Rat Bite Fever

Rat bite fever has a particularly negative list of symptoms. There are two different kinds of rat bite fever, one called streptobacillary rat bite fever and the other spirillary rat bite fever. Both have the same type of symptoms, but the one difference being that spirillary rat bite fever leaves a ulcerative type of wound near the bite. the symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Rash

Once you have visited your doctor and he has evaluated your condition, you will be given a course of antibiotics to take. Without antibiotics, the risks are serious so it is imperative that you see a healthcare professional for treatment right away. Without treatment, the risks can be fatal leading to infections of the heart, meningitis, pneumonia or abscesses of the internal organs.

Effective Rat Removal

When you need rat control in Glenview, it’s essential to get professional help to avoid rat attacks and bites. You do not want to risk becoming infected with these serious diseases and our technicians are trained to handle them. Removing your infestation as quickly and effectively as possible will put your mind at ease again. Our treatments are safe for your family but guaranteed to remove rats. Give us a call today!

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