10 Craziest Bug Appetizers

10 Craziest Bug Appetizers

You’re sitting on your sofa watching a weekend flick when suddenly a disgusting, creepy, crawly bug comes your way. Your first reaction is to grab the rolled up TV Guide and smash it. But wait, why not EAT it instead? C’mon, with the new low carb diet you’re on, this is a perfect bite of protein. Just pick it up and bite off it’s head! Mmm, potato chips have nothing on this crispy exoskeleton, right? Okay, okay, we know that no matter how determined you are to stick to your protein diet, you won’t be snacking on the pest delicacies roaming around your house. You want Pointe Pest Control to come in and take care of them instead with our expert, guaranteed services. But guess what? There are some people out there who appreciate that special feeling of insect legs tickling their throat all the way down to the tummy. Here are a few examples: 1. Fried Tarantulas


Not only will their legs tickle all the way down, but those delightful, fluffy hairs will make you giggle too. Just kidding, all the hairs are covered with a tasty batter so go on, take a bite! 2. Bamboo Worms

Bamboo_worms_on_plate_cropped_jpeg Photo Credit: http://io9.com/

Scoop up a pile of these worms in Bangkok, Tailand and grab a big, ol’ spoon! Tons of protein and if you close your eyes, you can imagine it to be a bowl of fried rice. 3. Gusanos or maguey worms


Supposedly tasting like French fries and also a super, powerful aphrodisiac, these salted worms are often added to liquor in Mexico. Maybe eating these icky things was started as a drunk dare… 4. Escamoles

escamoles Photo Credit: http://eatyourworld.com/

What are these you ask? Oh, just ant larvae. Imagine finding an ant colony and digging up the larvae and thinking, “What a delicious meal!” Well, it happens to be a delicacy in Mexico with a “cottage cheese like consistency.” 5. Stinkbugs


These bugs have “run away” written all over them. The smell is rather nasty so whoever thought they’d make perfect addition to meals—was probably right! Supposedly they add an apple flavor to sauces and are a great source of iodine! 6. Chappulines


What are these? Fried grasshoppers, of course! Covered in chili powder and lime juice, they contain more protein per ounce than salmon. Just bring some floss so you can dislodge those sticky legs after you eat! 7. Beetle Larvae

beetlelarva Photo Credit: http://www.hotelclub.com/

This squirmy wormy is a popular one! From Asia to Australia to Africa, beetle larvae score a spot on the Top Tastiest Bug list in many countries. Maybe you should try them to find out why. 8. Scorpions


When homeowners see these nightmares crawling around their house, they run screaming for the phone to call Pointe Pest Control to save the day. They don’t exactly snatch them up and throw them in the Fry Daddy. But some people do! Asians stuff them on a stick and gnaw on them like a popsicle. 9. Silkworms


Sometimes thrust on a stick with some more silkworm friends to be eaten like a kabob or smothered in sauce to snack on with chopsticks, silkworms are a delicious street food snack all over Asia. Good for their silky threads, they are also good in the belly! Oh and guess what? People also eat the silkworm poo pellets too! Mmm…just like little dirt nuts. 10. Centipedes

centipedes Photo Credit: http://www.followmefoodie.com/

When you see a centipede in your garden, they are creepy and maybe an inch long. Well, imagine that centipede’s gigantor cousin, who is 8-10 inches long with a million toothpick legs to to massage your esophagus all…the…way…down. Next time you see pests in your house, remember that someone around the world would scoop those little critters into a bowl and pour milk on them. If you don’t want to eat the bugs around your house, just call Pointe Pest Control. Unless you’re warming up the Fry Daddy and whisking the batter for a dinner of fried ants, we can help you get rid of all the bugs you’ll most likely never eat.

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