When Halloween Becomes Hallo-Scream

When Halloween Becomes Hallo-Scream

With all the trick or treaters coming around this Halloween, you might see some frightening costumes. No matter how good the makeup and masks, you still know it’s all in good fun. Unfortunately for you, there are some creepy bugs that are frightening enough to make you scream. Spiders, rats, mice, centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches and every other type of creepy-crawly is enough to make most people shudder. However, there is no reason to be scared when you can get help identifying your pest or pest infestation.

It’s as easy as snap, upload, and submit

With over 10 quintillion insects wandering the world and a variety of rodents, identification can be difficult. That’s why your friends at Pointe Pest Control have created have created the Pest Identification Page. We can help you know what pest invader is causing you concern with 3 easy steps. That’s right, in 3 easy steps you will know exactly what type of pest is in your house, yard or garage. The best part about the identification page is that it’s free.

Step 1: Snap.

Taking a picture with a smart phone.
Grab your camera or smart phone and take a picture of your unknown bug or group of bugs. Some rodents are insects are fast so you will need to be ready. If the pest has identifying spots or marks, make sure you get that in the picture.

Step 2: Upload.

Keypad button upload with photo camera icon.
Once you have your picture, upload it our Pest Identification Page. Then fill out your name, zip code, phone number, and email address.

Step 3: Submit.

Submit Laptop Showing Online Submitting Submissions Or Applications
Once your information and photo are ready, click the submit button. One of our knowledgeable professionals will answer your questions and we will let you know if the critter in question is a cause for concern.

Pointe Pest Control

We are dedicated to helping you with any pest problem. We want to help you protect your home and family. If you have a pest that is scaring you, it is time to treat that best to the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. We take care of pest problems so you don’t have to. Use our newest Pest Identification Page today.

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