Sleeping with the Enemy

Sleeping with the Enemy

You have heard the stories. You have probably even seen television programs detailing infestations of blood drinking bed bugs. The idea of an infestation might terrify you for a few moments, or make you feel itchy when you climb into the bed, but the images soon fade. The idea that someone would carry a flashlight into hotel room and go on a bed bug hunt might seem humorous. You might laugh at the idea of a person being terrified of sleeping, knowing that they will be dinner for a hundred little mouths. It doesn’t become real until you go to bed, wake up with bites, and meet your first bed bug.

When it All Becomes Real


Take my story for instance; I travel a lot for work. I stay in a lot of hotels. I had heard about bed bugs, but never gave the creatures much thought. During a convention I was staying in the same room for a week, the first morning I woke up with a few bites on my arms. Like most people, I didn’t think too much about, thinking it might be mosquitoes or spiders. Things didn’t get better from there. Each morning I would wake up to new bites. Both arms now had angry red bites; some of them were in lines. I had bites on my neck and even a few on my face. I blamed the bedding, imagining I was allergic. When the convention was over I packed up my stuff and headed home. I want you to imagine my horror when I returned home. A few weeks after my trip, I began getting bit in my own bed. A few weeks later the bites were getting more frequent. I itched like mad. One morning I discovered a small flat bug crawling across my pillow. At that moment, I knew what was wrong. I had brought bed bugs home with me.

Pointe Pest Control

I immediately called Pointe Pest Control. They sent over their very best. I showed him the bug and he knew what to do. He discovered bed bugs on the frame of my bed, inside of my nightstand and even in the electric outlet behind my bed. It didn’t take long for Pointe Pest Control to get rid of my insect nightmare. They were fast and efficient. My home is now bed bug free. Now when I travel, I bring a flash light and check all the places the Pointe Pest Control Technician identified as bed bug hot spots. I leave my luggage in the tub and bag my clothes up. When I get home everything I own goes into the washer. Still though, if I ever get bed bugs again I am glad to know that Pointe Pest Control is just a phone call away.

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