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Stink Bug

17 mm
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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION There are many different types of stink bugs in the United States but most are shaped like a shield. They are brown in color, larger in size compared to other bugs, and measure about 17 mm in length. As their name states, they are called stink bugs mainly for their ability to produce a foul odor. This smell is emitted when they feel as though there is a threat to themselves or their colony. Some species of stink bugs can even spray these chemicals several inches so you want to be sure not to get too near. Most stink bugs are herbivorous, while others are predaceous. They will most often be seen during the fall or spring months and gather around windows or walls for warmth. Once they get into your home, it could be extremely hard to get rid of them.

Signs of Infestation:

A stink bug infestation will be pretty obvious, especially if they have made their way inside of your home. Infestations usually occur during the fall months and will come out in large quantities. During this time, you will most often see them outside of homes where the sun is hitting. They hang out in areas such as these, to warm themselves up. Other signs of infestations that many farmers come across, is damage done to their crops. These bugs feed on plant fluids which kills or produce stunted plants. If you have an infestation during the winter, chances are that these bugs have entered your home. You probably won't be able to notice them until the warmer months when they start gathering on your windows and walls.

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