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Norway Rat

40 cm
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Norway rats are a lot bigger than mice and can weigh up to 1.5 pounds. These rats are brown to gray in color and are covered in hair. Their tails alone can reach up to 21 cm in length and have scale like features. The droppings that you may see are capsule shaped and can be found in areas that they travel. Norway rats rarely come out during the day as they are in hiding and usually wait for night time hours to scavenge for food. These omnivorous creatures can eat just about anything from fruits to other rodents. They must drink water to live and for that reason, they always build their nests somewhere close to a water source. They reproduce extremely quickly with females having about 3-12 litters each year. In each litter, they can produce anywhere from 4-22 babies.

Signs of Infestation:

There aren't many signs that point to a Norway Rat infestation, but if you have a problem it will be pretty obvious. Norway rats hardly ever come out of their hiding spaces because they don't like to be disturbed. If you see them come out during the day, this will be one of the first signs of an infestation. If there is a sighting, it could be an indication of overpopulation in their nesting area. You may also notice rat droppings in or around your home which will be anywhere from 18-20cm long with hair embedded in them. Another thing to look out for are gnaw marks on household items, food or utility lines.

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