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House Mouse

7.5-10 cm
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION House mice can vary in colors from light brown to gray. Their bellies will be lighter in color, however, their ears and tail will be bear. As an adult, a house mouse can range from 7.5 to 10 cm and weigh anywhere from 12 to 30 grams. House mice are on the hunt for shelter, food and water sources. They prefer seeds in their diet but will eat anything they can get their hands on in the kitchen. Even if you close your bag of chips, they can chew a hole in it so you want to try your best to leave snacks in hard to reach areas. We found that anything a mouse touches becomes contaminated because they travel in sewers and trash cans before making their way into homes. These creatures will travel anywhere in your home but try their best to stay within the walls or vents where they won't run into traffic. They are extremely fast on their feet and are diligent when it comes to mouse traps. House mice will most commonly be found during the winter months when the temperatures drop and it is too cold to be outside.

Preventing Rodent Infestation

When you think of the word rodent, the first thought that comes to mind is of mice and rats. The truth is that rodents are not just mice and rats. They're only two of the many animals which fit into that category. There are several other kinds of small mammals like squirrels, beavers and gophers. For the sake of talking about the mice and rat infestation we face, we will refer to them as rodents. The reason why we think of mice and rats when we talk about rodents is that these two are the worst possible pests to have in your home. You never expect to see any gophers inside the pantry rummaging through your food, right? This is why we are going to use the word rodent for these two animals. Alternatively, you can call them a pestilent plague but that is too many syllables. Getting back to the point - rodent infestations can be horrifying for any homeowner. They are not exactly the easiest pests to get rid of and even when you do, they might have done sufficient damage.  Rodents are not just notorious for looking ugly or raiding the pantry. They come into your house after having considerable time in some of the dirtiest places imaginable. This is why they never invade your home alone. When you have a rodent infestation in your home, you are also at the risk of getting a lot of harmful diseases. Rodents crawl everywhere in your house and leave their droppings, which means they are spreading potential diseases all over your home. This is why you need to understand that a rodent infestation should be treated as nothing short of Defcon 1. You need to prevent an outbreak because removing them entirely is impossible without the right tools and experience. So while you call for the cavalry and wait for them to come in, here are some preventative measures you can take. You won't be able to wipe them out but you definitely will be able to contain the rodent infestation.   Monitor Their Activities The best way to keep yourself safe from a rodent infestation is to see whether it is something you need to worry about. This is why you should monitor their activities around your house. Look around in the yard for signs of any rodent activity. You should also check along the exterior walls of your home. The signs are not that hard to miss. Their droppings are tiny black pellets which they leave everywhere. The best way to find out whether or not there are any mice or rats around your house is to place mouse traps near places where you think they might be active. Set up several of them so that you can properly know the extent of the risk of rodent infestation.   Reduce Attractants You will have fewer reasons to worry about a rodent infestation if they do not have a reason to come to your house. There are a lot of things around your property which can attract rodents. You need to reduce the number of attractants which will make coming to your property enticing for the rodents.

  • Any kind of clutter in the yard will make for excellent hiding spots for rodents. Remove any and all rubble from home improvement jobs. Any branches from trees lying around in the yard also have to go.
  • If there are areas susceptible to forming puddles, you need to remedy that. Sources of water are a very good reason for rodents to come around. If you remove them, the chances of you facing a rodent infestation are significantly reduced.
  • Cut all the tall grass and overgrown bushes. Having tall grass and overgrown bushes will provide them plenty of hiding spots and ease with which they can move around. You do not want that at all.
  • Properly dispose of all the garbage from your home. Never, we repeat, never leave your trash cans without the lids on them. It may not look like it but rats are able to find a way to get into them. Leaving trash cans open will spread the smell of rotting food. It is like perfume for rats that will come scurrying to get into it.

Seal Their Entry Points Mice and rats are resourceful pests. Mice are quite small so they can squeeze into your home through even the tiniest of spaces. Rats have very powerful teeth so if they have even a very small opening, they can chew the surrounding areas to make the opening big enough for them to squeeze through. Openings the size of a dime are big enough for both of them to gain entry into your house. Sealing their entry into your home is going to be crucial. Make sure that you leave no opening for them to exploit. Be on the lookout for gaps where the gas line and plumbing lines come into your home. Seal them up properly with some caulk.   Deprive Them of Food The more food that the rodents have to eat in your home, the more likely you are to face a rodent infestation. You need to make sure that you minimize all the possible food sources that these rodents have. We understand that this is something easier said than done but it is not impossible. Make sure that all the food items in your house are properly sealed and stored away in plastic containers. If the rodents cannot get the scent of the food, they will not be attracted to it. It may seem like the simplest thing to do but let us assure you that this works very well in keeping a rodent infestation at bay. You should also be particular when you are cleaning your house. You need to be thorough while cleaning your house so there is absolutely no leftover food left for them to nibble on them. The rodents will want to get out of your house if it is the kind of place they will not get their fill.   Permanent Rodent Infestation Solution If you want to get a long term solution for the rodent infestation, all you have to do is call any of our offices. Pointe Pest Control has a particular skill when it comes to dealing with rodent infestations. Your home will be free of rodents in very little time because our technicians won't just target the rodents you can see, they will also make sure that more of them can't gain entry to your home.

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