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Garden Spider

Up to 1.5 inches
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION It is very common that you will find garden spiders in your yard or outdoors near your home. As their name implies, they lurk in the garden. This type of spider is black or brown with yellow spots on its abdomen. Their legs are black with red yellow bands and each has three claws at the end of it. They will build webs in protected areas near open fields, eaves of houses, or in tall vegetation where their web can easily be attached. Most of their webs will be built two to eight feet above the ground. Garden spiders feed on other insects and are not found to be aggressive toward humans. However, if they feel threatened they will bite. They are venomous but their venom will not cause much harm to humans or pets.

Signs of Infestation:

When it comes to a garden spider infestation, there aren't many signs to look out for. If you see dozens of these spiders lurking in your garden, chances are you have an infestation. This species of spiders are not harmful to humans and would rather stay out of your way. In the event that they do feel harmed, they may bite and you may feel slight discomfort in the area. Another thing you can look for if you have an infestation are webs all over your garden or outdoors in general. If you see more webs than usual, try to find out what spider is causing this and if it is a dangerous one, seek professional help immediately.

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