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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Fleas are very tiny and wingless insects. The biggest they grow to are about 2.5 mm long. Most have a body that is a shiny reddish brown color and have microscopic hair. Fleas are parasites who live off of blood from animals such as dogs, cats, and rats. They cannot fly but they are able to jump very long distances with their three sets of elongated legs. The biggest problem with fleas is that they are very fast reproducers. They can produce 40-50 eggs per day so taking preventative action is key. They lay these eggs on the hair of their hosts, which usually drop off onto carpets, bedding, and furniture. Once you know that you have a flea infestation, we recommend that you contact a pest professional immediately so that they can get rid of the fleas living in your home.

Signs of Infestation:

  When you think about fleas, the first thing that comes to your mind are your pets. Cats and dogs are the two animals which are mostly afflicted with flea infestations. The thing is that a flea infestation can get very bad. They are known to be highly problematic and if the problem is left unchecked, these blood sucking insects will become your problem as well. Fleas are tiny insects that survive by sucking on the blood of their hosts, much like ticks. That is pretty much all they need. Cats and dogs are the perfect mammals for fleas but that does not mean you are not at risk yourself. When fleas get transferred to you and they start biting, you will know the full extent of what uncomfortable itching is like. The itchiness is pretty annoying because it never stops but that is the least of your problems. Fleas are also known to carry a vast host of diseases which can make controlling the flea population very important for your well being. Since fleas are very small, people generally disregard them as a threat. Fleas like blood and that makes them particularly dangerous pests. Fleas usually get transferred to humans through animals. If a flea has previously bitten an animal which was diseased, it can easily transfer the disease into your blood stream. Flea infestations are difficult to deal with because they are the kind of unwanted guests that just won't leave your home. They really know how to settle in once they find their way inside your household. This is why it is necessary to take the right actions to resolve the problem. If you are thinking about looking for some "DIY" help, we will simply tell you not to waste your time. We will tell you more about this later on. Let's take a look at what a flea is.   Fleas 101 Now, you need to know that understanding the problem is absolutely necessary. A flea is a kind of insect which likes to feed on warm blood. Mammals like cats and dogs are excellent sources of that and so are we. The most common kind of fleas that humans interact with are the ones that infect animals. They are brownish in color and very tiny. In fact, they do not grow bigger than a pin head.   Flea Resilience Considering the fact that fleas are very small, they are incredibly resilient. Fleas are not easy to get rid of and they can be highly problematic. The fact that they are so small actually works in their favor. It allows them a lot more room to hide and do more damage. They are very tricky little pests to handle and this is what makes a flea infestation even worse. If your pet is infested with fleas and starts itching all over the house, the pet will disperse these small insects by the hundreds all over the house. Fleas like fibrous carpets, furniture and clothing. They're the perfect places for them to lay more eggs and increase in numbers.   Preventative Measures While we did say that getting rid of a flea infestation yourself is impossible, there are things you can do to keep the flea population under control. Vacuuming your home, especially all the carpets and furniture goes a long way in controlling the population. The eggs that the fleas lay in your home and all the younger larvae are going to be sucked up inside the vacuum. Make sure that you dispose the vacuum bags after placing them in a plastic bag and throwing them in the trash can outside. This will make sure that they don't find their way back inside. There are products which you can use to deal with the fleas on your pets. They are all very effective at eliminating the flea population on your pests. Wash the bedding for your pests regularly as well. This will remove the fleas that they have left behind and significantly reduce the problem. For all the areas that your pet goes around in your house, there is the need for a thorough and regular clean up. We are not talking about mildly dusting the places - you should wash it and vacuum it as well as you can. These are all methods that will help you keep the flea population under control.   Flea Control for Pets The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot stop your pets from being infested by fleas. They will almost always get infested with fleas because they head out of the home and interact with other animals. Any one of them could transfer the fleas to your pet. This does not mean you cannot let them out of the house. Make sure that even if they are not infested with fleas, you take care of the regular grooming of your pets. Not only will this reduce the risk of a fully fledged flea infestation in your pets, it is also hygienic. Washing the bedding regularly will also help to reduce the risk of a flea infestation in your pets. The reason why we are emphasizing on flea control for your pets is because they are the most likely source of bringing the infestation into your home. You will find plenty of products in the market which provide effective flea control for your pets. Take care of the problem before it grows to uncontrollable proportions.   Getting Rid of The Fleas For Good We have provided you a lot of detail about preventing flea infestations. As much as you will try to do that, every homeowner with pets will see a day that the fleas have invaded their homes. While it is impossible to get rid of fleas for good without professional help, it is possible to control the problem. That makes both your life and ours a lot easier. When you want to really get rid of the flea infestation, all you have to do is give us a call. At Pointe Pest Control, we take flea infestations very seriously. Our expert technicians will come in to examine the extent of the problem. Based on the information, the experts will formulate the strategy to provide you a permanent solution. The solution that Pointe Pest Control provides comes with a guarantee. If the problem persists after our technicians are done with the job, we will revisit your home again and again for free until the problem is resolved. For more information, feel free to contact any of our offices. Beyond that point, it is our job to provide you with a flea-free household.

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