No Fleas, Please

No Fleas, Please

No human wants to deal with fleas. But sometimes we forget that our pets are more at risk from these pesky, problematic critters than we are. Now that the weather’s turning warm, flea season is in full swing. Besides itchy fleabites, here are the top problems fleas can cause for your pet.


Tapeworms are dangerous parasites that can live in your pet’s intestines and rob them of the vital nutrients necessary to survive and thrive. If your pet happens to swallow a flea while licking or chewing their skin, they can develop into a tapeworm. If you suspect your pet has a tapeworm, don’t wait—use an over-the- counter medication or take her to the vet today.

Skin Allergies

Most if not all fleabites are aggravating and cause a small, itchy bump, but if your pet happens to be allergic to the flea’s saliva, they can get large, swollen welts on their skin. Giving your pet a monthly flea preventative can help.


If your pet gets bitten by a flea that carries a parasite, they can be infected by Bartonella. Symptoms of this infection include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. Bartonella infection and parasites are very dangerous to your pet, and you should take them to a vet at the very first signs of infection.

Skin Hot Spots

If your pet is constantly scratching or chewing at the skin that has been bitten by fleas, it can cause ‘hot spots’ on their skin. These spots will need soothing. Try using a hydrocortisone spray or lotion to help alleviate their skin. Help protect your family pet by keeping fleas away from your home and yard. Since fleas thrive in moist places, try to avoid having standing water around your home. Also, don’t overwater your lawn. Fleas don’t like the smell of cedar; so using cedar chips in your flower beds can help prevent them. The best way to avoid a flea problem is to call in the professionals—give the experts at Pointe Pest Control a call today.

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