Why Are Mosquitos Attracted to Certain People? 

Why Are Mosquitos Attracted to Certain People?

Going on a hike or a camping trip is a much needed break from the hectic pace of life. But if you’re being attacked the entire time by a team of blood sucking parasites hungry for your blood, there is nothing restful about it. Looking around at the friends you’re with however, you notice that compared to your bespeckled, itchy skin is a nightmare compared to the rest who only have one or two small welts. You have a cloud of evil insects following your every move and no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of them. It is unfair and you can’t help but feel like your blood tastes like chocolate in comparison to everyone else’s. Just wait though, there IS a science to it, there IS a reason why you are the mosquito feast. Pointe Pest Control is happy to shed some light on the subject.

Reasons why you are a Mosquito Blood Meal

If mosquitoes love you, chances are you spend most of the warmer months itching, scratching and covering your body in a thick layer of repellent. These are possibly a few reasons why:

Blood type: According to a recent study, blood type might have something to do with it. People with Type O blood are bitten nearly twice as much as those with Type A blood. Type B people fall about in the middle of the spectrum. A chemical is secreted in roughly 85% of people hinting to the mosquitoes the type of blood that is present. If mosquitoes smell your tastiness, it’s similar to you smelling the juiciest steak around.

Exercise: When you exercise, you expel lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia among other things in your sweat. Mosquitoes are attracted to these chemicals along with the carbon dioxide you release and will follow you as you take your morning jog.

Alcohol: Another study found that just one single beer can make you much more attractive to insects, including mosquitoes. Researchers aren’t really sure of the reasons behind this, only that it definitely happens. Steer clear of the suds if you want mosquitoes to steer clear of you.

Clothing color: Along with scent, mosquitoes use their vision to locate humans and if you wear darker clothing, you will stand out more. Avoid black, blue, dark red and other darker colors if you want to appear less visible to these painful insects.

Genetics: Researchers have concluded that 85% of people most attractive to mosquitoes are simply attracted because of their genetics. They can’t explain it, it just is how it is.

How Pointe Pest Control can Help

There is nothing you can do about your blood type or attractive mosquito loving genetics, but there is something you can do to help. Mosquitoes love standing water and if your yard is swarming with mosquitoes, Pointe Pest Control can get your yard mosquito free in a jiffy. With our non-toxic treatments sprayed around your yard, you can rest easier. Our technicians are experienced at removing the problem from you yard. Give us a call today and save money on the calamine lotion!

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