Free Chicago from Gypsy Moths

Free Chicago from Gypsy Moths

The world is full of irritating things, including a vast variety of bugs and insects. Many of them cause no harm, and some of them are even good for their environment. Problems arise, however, when insects not native to the area are introduced, as native trees and plants don’t have natural defenses against them. The City of Chicago and the surrounding areas are proactive and aggressive when any species threaten any part of our landscape.

Since 2002, the gypsy moth has been considered a dangerous and invasive pest for Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The State of Illinois has coordinated with the Bureau of Forestry and the Department of Agriculture to try to trap and contain the gypsy moth, with hopes of removing them from the breeding population.

The gypsy moth is one of North America’s most devastating forest pests. It is known to feed on the leaves of hundreds of species of plants, but it prefers oak and aspen trees. In places with large populations of gypsy moths, trees can become completely defoliated and eventually die.

Winter is a good time to check your yard for evidence of gypsy moths. You can easily spot egg masses while your trees and plants are free from leaves during these months. They can be found in any sheltered location, including branches and trunks of trees, rocks, and even vehicles. These clusters are a buff yellow-brown color that bleaches out as the winter progresses. They are usually oval in shape and about ¾ inch wide and 1.5 inches long. The eggs are covered in a coating of small hair, which protects them from parasites and predators and insulates them through the winter. One egg cluster contains from 100 to 1000 eggs, and they can survive freezing temperature, ready to come to life when spring arrives.

If you notice anything you think might be a gypsy moth egg cluster in or around your property, contact a City Forester at 312-746-5254. We also recommend you contact one of our trained pest control professionals who is ready to assess any current problems you have as well as any potential future problems. For the best defense, call Pointe Pest Control today!

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