Albert Giles has been a service technician with Pointe Pest Control since April 2014. He has become an important part of our team and is known for his hard work and commitment to getting things done.

He says the most enjoyable part of his job is getting to meet awesome customers and learning about all types of different bugs. In addition, he is glad to be part of a great team, with a great boss.

Outside of work, Albert enjoys hanging out with his family, although most of them are back in Georgia. He values the time he gets to spend with his kids, especially when it comes to going out to play or eat. He also appreciates either watching or doing anything sports related.

Pointe Pest Control appreciates the commitment and dedication that Albert has shown through his work. We are proud to have you as a service technician and know you are a great representation of our company. We hope that you will continue to strive and build relationships in our community. Thank you Albert!