These Critters Are

Not Your Furry Friends 

These Critters Are Not Your Furry Friends

Have you ever seen a mouse in your kitchen and felt your fear levels spike? Maybe you have even climbed up onto a chair to avoid the furry little creature. We can’t blame you. Being afraid of mice is healthy, because they carry so many diseases that are decidedly unhealthy. When mice are in your home, they defecate and urinate everywhere they travel. If you come into contact with their bodily fluids, you can get the diseases the mice are carrying. Mice also spread disease through parasites. If they have ticks or fleas, those same ticks and fleas can bite you and transfer blood diseases right into your system. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are nearly thirty hazardous diseases you can get from rodents. Knowing the amount of diseases spread by mice, standing on a chair when you see one makes sense. When you need pest control in Kenilworth, Pointe Pest Control is your solution.

Disease and Damage

Not only do mice ruin your health with terrible diseases like, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, and Tularemia, they also love to ruin your home. Mice have teeth that continuously grow. In order to keep them the right size, they have to chew on things. Your furniture, walls, and food containers will suffer from the teeth of mice. Not only will they damage your home and furniture, they will also damage your food. If a mouse gets into your cereal, it will urinate and defecate and the entire box will be ruined. The same will happen to any of your food that is not stored in a hard plastic container. Mice can easily climb into your cupboards and food pantries. If there is food in your home, they will find it.

The Professionals with Pointe Pest Control

You do not have to live with an infestation of mice. The solution is simple, call Pointe Pest Control. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are getting certified technicians with years of experience. When we arrive to your home, you are putting those years of experience to work for you. We understand mice. We know where they hide and we know how to get rid of them. Our technicians are problem solvers; we can find the best methods to rid your home of any mouse infestation.

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