Can I Train My Cat to Catch Mice? 

Can I Train My Cat to Catch Mice?

Cats are enjoyable and lovable pets that make great companions. One huge advantage of having cats around is their affinity and love of catching mice. Homeowners often notice a decrease in mouse sightings with a good mousing cat in the house. What if you have a cat and it isn’t a good mouser, can you train it? Or if you’re getting a new cat, how can you ensure it will catch mice? There are a 5 things you can do to help your cat learn to mouse or become a better mouser.

Play Hunting Games

By nature, cats are playful and good at stalking things. By developing that skill and practicing it, your cat will have the urge to pounce when it sees a mouse. Cat toys or games with strings or feathers they can chase are a good place to start. Come up with creative games with your cat where they can practice hunting and then reward them with a treat when they are successful.

Introduce a Mentor

Having your cat watch a seasoned, mousing cat will help them learn. Especially if the cat is young, having an older cat “show them the ropes” will help the kitten learn quicker. It has been said that female cats are better mousers, simply because they teach their kittens to mouse when they are young. Have your cat learn from a professional.

Praise your Cat

Cat owners often find that their pet leaves a whole or piece of a mouse on the doorstep. Sometimes they will bring the mouse to you. They are trying to show you how valuable they are and praising your cat for its good hunting skills will go far.

Feed your Cat Well

Keeping your cat underfed to develop hunting skills is never a good idea. Make sure your cat eats quality cat food and is healthy. Good cat food keeps their bones and muscles strong, giving them more energy to hunt and play.

Be Mindful of their Age

As your cat ages, it may start to slow down and become more lazy. This is a natural part of the feline aging process and their ferocious hunting skills might begin to wain. This is okay, your cat is tired and might not have the energy to hunt like it used to.

Keep your Cat Safe

It is important to remove rodent poisons and traps you have set out as your cat is learning to mouse. They can be dangerous to pets. An important thing to remember is, never to replace good pest control with a cat. While cats keep the rodent population down, if the problem is too severe, professional rodent control is a must.

Pointe Pest Control offers completely safe, non-toxic rodent control. As your beloved kitten is hunting around for mice, rest assured that our rodent control is harmless to your pets and children, but effective and tailored to remove rodents with efficiency. Call us today to get rid of your rodent problem and leave recreational mousing to your adorable kitty cat.

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