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Beware the Kissing Bug


It’s the month known for conversation hearts, love notes, and, ok, winter weather when we’re long past enjoying it anymore. But most importantly, February is the month when we celebrate love. But one thing you want to steer clear of …

Make Chicago Great (and Free from Gypsy Moths) Again!


The world is full of irritating things, including a vast variety of bugs and insects. Many of them cause no harm, and some of them are even good for their environment. Problems arise, however, when insects not native to the …

Save the Trees!


Chicago is currently at war. You may not realize it, but the city is on high alert and battling an invasive species that is a stealthy opponent: the emerald ash borer.

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic beetle

New Years Resolutions


It’s that time of year where it’s out with the old and in with the new. As a new year looms fresh with new possibilities, we are filled with good intentions and resolve to do things during the next 12

Deck the Halls! (But Not with Bugs)

You’ve finished up the pumpkin pie and now it’s time to decorate your home for Christmas. The lights! The smell of fresh pine! The…bugs? If you’re bringing a live Christmas tree inside this season, you may be bringing some unwanted …

Holiday Travel and Bed Bugs—What You Need to Know


Thousands of Chicago residents travel during the holidays. The lights, the food, the gifts, the fun—they’re all a wonderful part of making memories. One souvenir you want to definitely avoid is bed bugs, which can quickly turn a wonderful …

How Do Mice Get Into My Home?


If you think that you are the only homeowner battling an infestation of mice, think again. Each year in late fall and early winter; mice enter an estimated 20 million homes across America. Mice infestations are common, but have you …

World’s Cutest Bugs


Most of our blogs center around the icky and disgusting bugs that inhabit and take over your homes and yards. The mere thought of these pests in large numbers sends shivers up and down your spine. You would probably never

Spiders—To Squish or Not to Squish?


Most of us aren’t huge fans of the arachnid species—when we see one, we scream or shudder and hope someone else is around to squish it for us. Occasionally, though, there is a softhearted soul who prefers to pick up …

Are there any GOOD bugs?


With Gold Coast so close to Lake Michigan, you might begin to wonder if there are any good bugs in world, especially as you swat your thousandth mosquito. Did you know that there are approximately 10 quintillion bugs alive on …